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This page will outline some candidate theories of operation (or non-operation).

Proponent Theories[edit]

Debunking Theories[edit]

These theories should be explained, then debunked with the simplest explanation, with a link to a dedicated page to show the work or work in progress that backs up that explanation.

Energy and Momentum Conservation[edit]

If the EM Drive produces constant-acceleration it will violate Energy Conservation.

It may also violate Momentum Conservation.

Exact Standing Wave Solution of Maxwell's Equations[edit]

On 8/5/14, Greg Egan posted an exact solution for the resonant modes (for modes having constant electromagnetic field variation in the azimuthal direction, such that m=0) of a cavity in the shape of a truncated cone with spherical ends. Egan also calculated the forces and showed a proof that the net force is zero and therefore that there is no thrust force in a resonant electromagnetic cavity of any arbitrary shape, for any arbitrary mode shape, when the cavity is analyzed according to the standing wave solution of Maxwell's equations (assuming no sources or sinks in the cavity).

Experimental Artifacts[edit]

This assertion is that all positive experimental results are results of artifacts, such as:

  • Measuring error
  • Thermal effects
  • Mechanical vibration
  • Magnetic effects with environment

These are discussed in more detail at Possible Error Sources.


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